High quality Pontica grown in Virginia, hand harvested.   This Pontica is perfectly suited for all of your flavoring and coloring needs.

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Artemisia Pontica, petite wormwood, or Roman wormwood is a small plant about 12" tall. at certain latitudes Pontica does not flower, Pontica that is used for absinthe is traditionally harvested before it flowers, if it does flower the plant becomes markedly diminished. Areas above 40 or 45 degrees lattitude, North Pontica tends to flower, below that lattitude, they do not. When Pontica flowers, only the inner, central branch has viable seed, the outside and secondary blossoms rarely produce viable seed. Pontica is commonly grown from root or rhizome, not commonly grown from seed. There are look alikes to Pontica, mainly Pontica nanna, nanna is not Pontica although it closely resembles it and is occasionally sold as Pontica, however, Pontica nanna does not have the essential oils that help give absinthe it's refreshing flavor. The Pontica I grow here in Virginia is harvested in late June and again in late August, early September, I am never able to grow enough and it always sells out within a few days of my listing. I also sell an imported Pontica that can be employed with marginal or passable results. If you have seen my Virginia Pontica, it is whole, fresh and vital with essential oils, whereas what I import looks the same as all other commercial herbs, ie sawdust, lifeless with a hint of the oils you are looking for.

If you wish to grow Pontica, here are a few  factors to consider : Pontica is a carpet excluding  invader, if it establishes, it can quickly turn into a solid carpet of green that tends to exclude competeing plants by overwhelming them. Carpet invasion tendency may seem like a good thing but Pontica is very susceptible to fungus, for me here in Virginia, that fungus is web blite or solaris, and rhizactonia. To keep your Pontica healthy it must breathe, a dense carpet of foliage will not allow that and will quickly be overcome by blite, you need to constantly thin your crop and try to keep it in rows, one plant wide, this is a difficult proposition with an unruley invader so be prepared to sacrifice some of the crop to keep all of the crop healthy. Pontica also needs a more fertile soil than many herbs do, and a sandy component greatly helps the drainage and therefore helps stop the fungi. Look for your Pontica to mature a little earlier than absinthium, absinthium is sometimes called fourth of July weed or July weed because that is when it is flowering, pontica is a little sooner, late June weed. You can tell when your Pontica is ready to harvest when it goes from green to silver, also by the fragrance, when you notice the fragrance in the air, there's a good chance it's ready. Also watch for the bottom of the plant to start to turn yellow or brown, when it does it's ready, if you wait, the brown will march up the stem and take your harvest. Dry it carefully, in the dark, below 80 degrees f  with plenty of air circulation and an ambient humidity of above 30 percent and below 60 percent, do not dry it tooo fast or too slow and as soon as the stems will snap, seal it up, it's good for one year. $20 per ounce

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1 ounce Pontica (roman wormwood, petite wormwood)

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